Product Overview

Simple as 1-2-3

Markings on the outside of the garment help ensure correct placement on quadriceps muscles.

Simply connect the controller to the conductive garment and begin treatment.

Convenient. Portable. Proven.

Kneehab is perfect for home use or for people on the go.

This convenient controller comfortably fits in your hand, or in a holster on the garment, and the long-lasting battery is rechargeable.

Multipath™ Stimulation Technology delivers highly focused, accurately coordinated muscle contractions.

Large Gel Pad Advantage*

Eliminate the need for lead wires and the guesswork of properly placing electrodes.

Gel pads 4-times larger than 2”x2” electrodes provide better muscle coverage and improve patient comfort.8

Large gel pads provide better muscle coverage and recruitment.

Standard Electrodes

Clinically Proven to Improve Knee Stability & Strength1

In a clinical study, Kneehab patients significantly improved their knee stability during the first 90 days after surgery.

Kneehab patients regained lost quadriceps strength and surpassed knee extension strength of their uninjured leg within 12 weeks after surgery.