About Us

Theragen Inc.

Theragen Inc. is a medical device company committed to developing effective and safe therapeutic energy technologies applied to the body for healing and pain relief.

Our years of experience enable us to deliver clinically proven solutions that are recommended and prescribed by leading healthcare professionals to help patients accelerate recovery and return to an active lifestyle.

Neurotech NA, Inc.

Neurotech NA, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Theragen Inc. with experience in marketing, distribution, and reimbursement of medical grade products for both muscle rehabilitation and pain management.

Patient Care Services

Our Patient Care Services (PCS) team is eager to help patients and provide VIP Customer Care. PCS specialists are experts in product features and benefits, insurance and billing operations, and are trained to help patients navigate many aspects of their rehabilitation journey.

VIP Customer Care is our on-going commitment to our customers – patients, doctors, caregivers, and everyone we interact with on a daily basis. Our goal is to meet and exceed expectations in delivering excellent customer service at the highest quality every time.

You can reach us at:

■ Phone: (888) 980-1197
■ Email: PatientCare@neurotech.us